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A very busy summer!


My largest mural to date, Season Cycle, is a 20ft diameter mural is a painted roundabout that enhances the City of Fort Collins' Walk & Wheels Skills Hub. The Skills Hub is a "miniature city" featuring streets, bike lanes, and traffic signs. It is designed to provide a safe bicycling and walking learning environment for people of all ages and abilities.

I was commissioned to paint this colorful roundabout design to complement the Skills Hub. My design features symbols representing the four seasons encircled by a stylized version of  Spring Creek, which flows nearby. Using durable and pigment-rich traffic striping paint, I worked for 4 days straight to complete the mural on time, just 4 hours before the ribbon-cutting and dedication...whew! 



Rat Race: noun, informal.  Any exhausting, usually competitive activity or routine spent trying to get ahead, especially in urban life, with little time left for leisure, contemplation, etc.

This year's transformer cabinet is right next to the busy thoroughfare of College Avenue, just south of Swallow Drive. It shows a pack of multi-colored rats racing around a track, while mice cheer them on from the rail. Sharp-eyed pedestrians might also be able to find a cat at the center of the racetrack (on the top of the cabinet) waiting for the race's eventual winner...or loser.

The design takes its inspiration from our society's focus of constantly being “on the go", given the cabinet's location next to busy traffic. My hope is that viewers will be able to find the humor (and possible futility) in such a hectic lifestyle. 


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