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Bird In Hand Studio is artist Ren Burke....



With painting and drawing as my primary media, I also create fabricated metal sculptures as well as linoleum and woodblock prints. Regardless of the medium, a central theme is the natural world and animal life in particular. The rawness and honesty of nature is refreshing to me, filling me with a constant sense of wonder.

My paintings and murals are generally bright and colorful; my block prints bold and graphic. I render my animal subjects in a playful manner, some with an underlying current of drama and tension. This contradictory aspect alludes to the unpredictable essence of the wild and our place on the outside looking in.


I have been exhibiting my work around Colorado and nationally since 1998. In addition to my gallery work, I have also received numerous public art commissions.  I am currently represented by Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.




1993  Indiana University of Pennsylvania;

           BFA, painting concentration



2010-2022  Transformer Cabinet Project

2021 "River Flight" 82' long mural

2020 "Summer Song" patio barricades 

2011-2020  Pianos About Town Project

2019  Funkwerks Brewery patio mural

2019  "Butterfly Project" donor artwork

2017  “Season Cycle” roundabout mural

2015  “Written In the Stars”, temporary art 
2012  “The Species Project”, drawing exercise           



Voyage Denver - online magazine; July 2020

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